Reads Flashdrive using USB Camera Adapter for IOS iPhone iPad

One of the weakness of ios devices is lack of adapter to read flashdrive or for using external keyboard or read an external card reader, or using an external mic, etc. 

This adapter can solve just a little of that weakness, with it, we can:

  1. Reads images in cameras by plugin in a cable to the camera. The image is displayed in images app and then we can import it.
  2. Reads flashdrive(no more than 20ma power if im not mistaken), most of the flashdrive will display need more power needed, and can only images in "DCIM" folder if your not jailbroken. If you are, then you can access the flashdrive by formatting it to HFS+. And also the minimum ios is 9.2 if you use an iPhone. You can access the flashdrive by using filza or ifile to this directory: "/var/mnt/mount1/". But sometimes if the flashdrive is unplugged, the device restart by itself. This happens to me often, and i think this is some bug from the device itself.
    *update: After some testing i reccommend to eject the drvie with iFile before removing the drive, i get safe removal without error. But if the drive is not readable the restart error happen again thought.
  3. Using an external keyboard. If your jailbroken, you can extend the functionality of using a keyboard and also making a shortcut, and can also make an activator shortcut too, the tweak called Molar.
  4. Using an external microphone. This one i tried with some of trick found on youtube, you can use an external mic like the zoom h1 to record audio straight from the iphone. 
  5. some of the news we can read from the apple support page here, not very usefull information if i say,, right? :p and also it reviewed the newer usb 3 to camera adapter. It supports more device because it can powered via the lightning cable. I dont have it yet, but maybe sometime i buy it and update this review.

One of my flashdrive that actually works without needing any external power is my old Hp 16Gb USB 2.0. Format it to HFS+ and your good to go. Any reads/writes working fine.

in the past, like ios 7 we still can read fat32 flashdrive if jailbroken, maybe apple not wanted the users to access it like that. I'm still curious if someone can make a tweak so that we can read fat32 again.

I tried with an external drive with usb 2.0 that can powered by a powerbank(1A Output), it's kinda complicated but it works, as long the format is HFS+.

USB Camera Adapter

I use Paragon Partition Manager 14 to format the drive to HFS+, and use an app called Paragon HFS+ for windows to read/write the drive in windows.

The USB to Camera Adapter i get it from ebay.

I also have the multi adapter 3in1 that can read usb, SD and micro sd card, it still can read images with DCIM folder or from camera, but it cannot read any flashdrive.